Question Answer CompTIA Network+ (N10-008) Final review of the Network+ (2023)

A network engineer wants to upgrade the company's hub to avoid collisions. What solution would help the technician achieve this to the full extent?

An administrator monitors performance metrics for a server and notices that system memory usage is very high. What does this mean?

There is a problem with network traffic

There is little storage space

The system needs to be updated

Storage I/O is too slow

The amount of traffic both sent and received or calculated as a percentage of available bandwidth is referred to as which interface monitoring metric?





Reset to default

A helpdesk operator troubleshoots communication issues for devices in different broadcast domains. What do the devices have to pass in order to communicate with each other?





A network administrator diagnoses a suspected problem with local addressing and packet delivery. Which of the following commands would the administrator use to add an entry to the ARP cache?

  • arp-d
  • arp-s
  • arp-g
  • arp-a

An organization purchased a new router with built-in firewall capabilities. The administrator configured the new appliance and it worked as expected. However, after 90 days, the firewall stopped working. What is the most likely cause?

Not enough routes were allowed in the routing table

There were not enough ports on the device

The test phase of the license has ended

The routing protocols stopped working

An administrator uses DHCP and wants to maintain centralized management of IP addressing, but needs to ensure that specific devices that provide always-on functionality have static IP address assignments. What is the best solution?

Configure static assignments on these devices

create reservations

Configure areas

Assign addresses from a specially configured exclusion range

An organization must use shared mailboxes to manage customer requests. What mailbox access protocol should the clients use to retrieve the mail over secured connections?





A client tries to connect to a network. The client can get an IP address, but has no internet access and decides to see if it gets an APIPA address. Which of the following products fall within the APIPA range? bis bis bis bis

A network engineer tries to troubleshoot the attenuation and measure accordingly. What unit of measure expresses damping?





A network administrator discovers that users in an adjacent building are connecting to the company's guest wireless network to download inappropriate material. Which of the following actions can the administrator take to most easily troubleshoot this issue?

Enable wireless client isolation

Enable wireless port security

Adjust wireless channels

Reduce WiFi power levels

A security architect divides a network into logically distinct zones for security and administrative control. Which of the following should the security architect use?


flow control


port security

flow control

A network cabling operator is studying different form factors for fiber optic connectors. Which of the following methods only works for multimode?





A cybersecurity engineer speaks to a department that has raised concerns about technical issues. The technician discovered that the employee had received an email with an attachment from an outside party. Curious about the content of the document, the employee clicked on the link. The next day, the employee noticed that part of the software was not working properly and some important documents were no longer accessible. What was likely the cause of this problem?



attack on the way

DNA poisoning

A help desk worker is troubleshooting problems on a Windows client and wants to try deleting its dynamic IP address so that it can get a different one. Which command will help the helpdesk operator to do this?

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /all

ipconfig /renew

A project manager prepares a team to set up cabling infrastructure in a new building. Which of the following tools should you order to be able to make patch cords?

Cable stripper



block tool

An application developer tries to fix ASCII conversion problems for his application. At what level of the OSI model are they debugging?




Data Connection

A server administrator analyzes a normal Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) teardown connection to his servers. How many FIN-WAIT states does the client go through during this process?





A cable operator needs to switch from one cable type to another. Which of the following would help the most?




media converter

A helpdesk technician is trying to troubleshoot one end of a cable but isn't sure where the other end is. What could the technician use to find the other end of the cable?



fox and dog


A network administrator sets up an Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP). Which of the following protocols are part of the EGP class?





A server administrator must allow a server to instruct the switch to temporarily pause traffic to avoid buffer saturation and frame dropping. What should the server administrator set up?

port mirroring

jumbo frame


flow control

A junior IT technician configures a purchased private computer network for a small bakery. What is the placement of a SOHO router inside the building?





A Windows user tries to connect a remote desktop to an application server. Although the user can ping the FQDN, he cannot connect. What is the most likely cause?


Firewall blocks TCP port 3389

The application server is in a different VLAN

The application server is down

A project manager orders equipment to install fiber optic cabling in a new building. Which of the following tools allows for a more permanent connection with lower insertion loss?


fusion splicer

block tool


A helpdesk engineer will help troubleshoot connectivity issues. Users report that they get a blinking yellow light. This is an indication of what kind of problem?

Disconnect at the other end

port disabled

Connected but no traffic

Error detected

Which of the following identity and access management (IAM) system processes proves that the user is who they say they are?





An organization has secured its website with SSL/TLS (Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security). What port does this encrypted traffic use by default?

TCP-Port 443

TCP-Port 53

TCP-Port 80

UDP-Port 53

A junior IT technician configures a purchased private computer network for a small bakery. What is the placement of a SOHO router inside the building?





A network architect is planning a new facility for a new company that has yet to construct buildings. Which of the following would the architect set up for a /16 network?


Class B

Class C

class a

A network engineer must strengthen the security of the corporate network by minimizing the traffic required to operate valid network services and not allowing additional access. What does the technician put on the network?

endpoint security

control plane control


Firewall Access Control Lists (ACLs)

In search of a cloud deployment model for business operations, the network specialist is looking for a model where multiple organizations share the cost of either a hosted private cloud or a fully private cloud. Which cloud deployment model meets the needs of network professionals and enterprises?


Public (or multi-tenant)


Privately hosted

An organization hired a security firm to hack into their systems to determine what type of exploitable vulnerabilities the organization was vulnerable to. What is this test?

Vulnerability scanning

threat hunting



A network engineer investigates a problem with handheld devices at a warehouse. The devices did not connect to the nearest APs, but they did connect to an AP on the other side of the camp. Which of the following is the most likely cause of this problem?

The power level is too high for the APs on the other side

There is an incorrect channel assignment on the next APs

There is interference around the AP on the other side

The nearest APs are configured for 802.11g

A network engineer needs to decommission a server and delete all custom configurations. What routine will the technician use to wipe the server?

motion detection



Factory settings reset

A security architect studies network topologies in which each endpoint node is connected to a central forwarding node. What's it called?


point to point

customer server

mesh fabric

A company hires its network specialist to configure a steel rack system for patch panels, switches and routers, and server equipment. What is this system called?

circuit diagram

change management

Building plan


A network consultant must develop a plan that establishes the procedures, tools, communication methods, and policies to mitigate an issue. What is the name of this plan?


Legal Services Agreement

disaster recovery plan

Security Response

A system administrator looks at the technology in the company's environment and finds Fast Link Pulse. What does this technology do?

Sends link integrity test signals

Does not support autonegotiation

Supports up to 10Mbps

Typically deployed on new networks

A network engineer wants to establish data communications over a distance greater than a local area network (LAN). What technology will the network engineer use to achieve the desired distance?

Enterprise WAN

Digital subscriber line



A network engineer troubleshoots a connection from a client and decides to use the bottom-up troubleshooting methodology. Which step would the technician do first?

Determine subsystem

test theory

Determine if it is hardware or software

Isolate subsystem variables

A store owner wants secure wireless access that is available for both business devices and customers. Which of the following features should be configured to allow different wireless access from the same device?





An administrator has blocked access to port 23 to prevent users from using insecure terminal emulation software and protocol. What is the admin blocking?





A network engineer installs a new virtual private network (VPN) that is dynamically established based on traffic requirements and demand. What type of VPN is installed?

Dynamic multipoint VPN


VPN headend

Remote Access VPN

A technician consolidates a topology with multiple SSIDs into a single SSID deployment. Which of the following features will be possible after this new configuration?



Nahtloses Roaming


A network administrator must ensure that auditors only have read access to the system logs, while system administrators have read and wire access to the system logs, and operators have no access to the system logs. The network administrator has configured security groups for each of these function categories. Which of the following security features allows the network administrator to maintain these permissions with the LESSEST management overhead?

Least Privileges

User-Based Permissions

Role Based Access

Mandatory access control

A network engineer is laying coaxial cable and needs to order additional terminators. What should the technician order?






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