How to write essay and examples of extended definition (2023)

writing an extendeddefinition essayit's like an essay about anything: you need to make it interesting and worth reading. However, with definition essays, you need to do one more thing that isn't always necessary with other types of writing: you need to prove whatever it is you're defining (no matter how obvious).


What is an extended definition essay?

An extended definition essay is a writing task where you have to choose a concept and define it. To do this, you will need to provide an explanation of the concept (i.e. give its meaning) as well as examples of what the concept entails. This it is also known as representing or exemplifying the concept through descriptions, examples and details.

What is an extended definition?

An extended definition includes more than the general meaning and/or synonyms of the concept in question. Also included are: a history of the term, why this term was chosen over others, how it compares to similar concepts, and its strengths and weaknesses. Of course, this will depend on what you are writing.

Why would an extended definition be used?

Depending on the topic of your extended definition essay, this type of writing is typically used in academia to describe a concept in detail. In higher education, students are expected to know why certain words were chosen over others when defining a term. and how it fits in the context of a specific discipline.

Why are extended definition trials important?

An extended definition essay is used to describe a concept in detail, which can help you expand your understanding. This can be useful for researching information for other essays or tasks, conducting scientific studies that rely on accurate identification of variables, and! much more!

How to write an extended definition essay - step by step

If your readers don't understand what something means after reading your article, then you haven't shown it. When you do this, readers will see that a topic is worth writing about. With the following steps and a little creativity, you can write a topic. great extended definition essay.


Step 1: Gather your information

To have proof of your extended definition, you need to have evidence: well thought out factors, statistics, quotes, and examples. The amount of information you need depends on the topic, but it is usually best to support your definition. You can find information in textbooks, encyclopedias , magazines (such as the weather), online newspapers, and there are many resources available to help with research such as Google Scholar.

Step 2: Brainstorm your points

Once you have the information you need, it's time to think about your points. You can do this beforehand or while you're doing your research, whatever works best for you. Consider everything that's associated with your topic and start making a list. Some examples:

-A car cannot run without gasoline (combustion)

-Coffee is a stimulant

-The Sun emits energy and thermal energy

Once you have your list, go through and choose your main points. This will be your thesis (definition sentences) and topic sentences for each supporting paragraph. If you find that some of your examples don't work as proof or are redundant, then you can delete them from your list or cut and paste them into a separate document.

Step 3: Write your thesis, topic sentences, and supporting paragraphs

This is the hard part because you need to make each of your main points as effective as possible. Start with the first point on your list. Read your information and think about how you can make it interesting, new, or applicable to something your reader will know Once you have the idea for your topic sentence, write it down. Then read what you've written so far and rewrite it until you're happy with the end result. This example applies to an extended definition document on aspirin:

Aspirin is a medicine that helps with pain and inflammation.

Thesis statement:Aspirin is a medicine that helps relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

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Topic sentence 1:One way aspirin does this is by preventing prostaglandins, which are chemicals that contribute to pain, fever, and inflammation, from being made.

Proof of evidence:Aspirin stops prostaglandins from being made by binding to Cox enzymes that help with the process of making them.

THEME SENSION 2: Another way that aspirin helps is by stopping substances called thromboxanes, which lead to bruising and blood clotting.

This topic sentence says the same thing as the previous sentence. You may cut this paragraph or move it to a separate document if you choose to add additional information about aspirin later.

This topic sentence is introducing a new way that aspirin helps, so it might be better to leave it. And your proof should go in a separate paragraph anyway, since it's more complicated than the other examples.

Here's a possible example of what your essay might look like when you're done:

A common drug in homes around the world, aspirin has many benefits, including relieving pain and reducing inflammation. One way it does this is by preventing prostaglandins, which are chemicals that contribute to pain, from being made. fever and inflammation. Aspirin stops prostaglandins from being made by binding to Cox enzymes that help with the process of making them. Another way aspirin helps is by stopping substances called thromboxanes, which leads to bruising and blood clotting.

Thematic Orencia 3: One last way that aspirin helps is by stopping substances called cyclooxygenases from being made, which are chemicals that contribute to pain and inflammation.

This topic sentence is introducing a new way that aspirin helps, so it might be better to leave it. And your proof should go in a separate paragraph anyway, since it's more complicated than the other examples.

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After you've written your thesis and all your topic sentences, you can add any other evidence or details. While you don't need to add them to the example above, they should go into separate paragraphs with topic sentences that make them easier to follow.

For an extended definition essay on aspirin, here are some additional facts that could be added:

-Aspirin is the only medication available that stops inflammation on its own.

-It has few side effects when taken in small doses, but it can damage the stomach lining if too much is ingested..

-Like all medicines, aspirin should not be taken without a prescription..

Step 4: Revise your essay

It's a good idea to read your entire essay before you decide it's ready for grading. Look in the margins of your paper and see if your paragraphs are organized. If they all have topic sentences, they should flow from one to the next without being confusing. If you have An introduction and a conclusion should do their job of making the reader interested in the topic and satisfied with what they read before continuing.

Once you're happy with your essay, print it out or copy it to a computer file so you can save it for later. You could even use this for a study guide or review before a test on the same topic.

The Extended Definition Essay Checklist

Here are some of the most important things to check in your essay:

  • - Does my introduction make me want to keep reading?
  • - Is there a transition sentence at the end of each paragraph that leads to the next?
  • - Do the topic sentences in each paragraph match their details?
  • - Is there a test to back up each topic sentence?

Once you've reviewed your Extended Definition document and made sure you have everything you need, you can turn it in or email it to your teacher for grading.

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Extended Definition Essay Scheme

A good extended definition essay outline is all about being able to show you that you understand the concept of extended definition. This can be somewhat complex, so an outline is a great place to start.

What is an extended definition essay schema?

An extended definition essay outline helps you organize your thoughts and ideas before you get started on the actual writing process. It also ensures that all the information you give your audience makes sense by revealing the bigger picture first, then filling in the gaps later. .

Start with a brief introduction to the concept

Typically, this section should include a short introduction explaining what your extended definition essay is about. You may also want to provide athesis statementIn this section, that sets whether or not your subject is going to be defined precisely.

Indicate the meaning of the word/concept

In the second section, you must explain how other words are related to this one and/or what concepts are similar or different to the ones you are defining.

Detail the history, origin and/or evolution of this concept

This part should include details about how and where your specific word was first used. Also discuss why it was chosen over other words that mean more or less the same thing. Then finish with a quick summary of what the term is currently used for .

Compare and contrast your subject with other similar concepts

In this section, you should explain how your chosen concept relates to similar ones. For example, if you are writing about a computer virus, you can also include information about a human virus and othertypes of malware that affect computers or mobile devices.

Discuss the benefits and/or drawbacks of this concept.

Lastly, you should conclude your extended definition essay outline by discussing why this concept might be advantageous or problematic. Although there are good points in each idea, it can be helpful to point out things that might affect people in general if they don't know about them.

write a conclusion

In the conclusion section of your essay, you should write a brief summary of what you said in your outline. This is basically a preview of all your points as if you were trying to convince someone to be interested in your topic or idea. It is also You may want to leave them with something that makes them hungry for more information by asking a question, such as "Why is this good/bad?" or "What can we learn from this?"

Create a works cited page/references

Be sure to include a works cited page that has all your sources and information where you obtained the data for your extended definition essay! This should be done in MLA, APA, or any other citation format and should list all the sources you used in the order in which they appear in their extended definitionwritten essay.

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How to write essay and examples of extended definition? ›

Make sure that you understand the notion you define. The word you have chosen should be complex enough to be defined in an essay. Provide anecdotes, facts, and examples that will be clear for you and your audience. Explain a difficult term using common words.

How do you start an extended definition essay? ›

You need to clearly state what your word is along with its traditional or dictionary definition in your introductory paragraph. By opening with the dictionary definition of your term, you create context and a basic level of knowledge about the word. This will allow you to introduce and elaborate on your own definition.

How do you write an extended definition? ›

An extended definition can be formed by following these steps (not necessarily in this order): • provide an example (an example is specific and concrete) • use a synonym (a synonym is a word that is a different but has the same meaning) • state what the thing is not (or invoke an antonym or contrasting idea)

What is the extended definition essay format? ›

An extended definition essay takes a term, concept or idea and defines it in great detail. An extended definition essay may consider the structure, function, or underlying meaning of the topic at hand.

How do you write a definition essay example? ›

Make sure to:
  1. Present two or more points of view.
  2. Provide arguments that prove some points of view (that contradict your main idea/thesis statement) wrong.
  3. Compare and contrast different viewpoints.
  4. Provide examples if possible.
  5. Reflect your own perception and understanding of the term, highlight your own viewpoints.
Jan 15, 2019

What is an example of an extended definition? ›

An extended definition is illustrated in the following example, the beginning of a definition of friendship: Friendship is a state of acquaintance between or among people characterized by a strong bond of shared concern and caring. In true friendship the bond is mutually shared.

How should I structure my extended essay? ›

Your EE needs a clear introduction (which should be one to two double-spaced pages), research question/focus (i.e., what you're investigating), a body, and a conclusion (about one double-spaced page). An essay with unclear organization will be graded poorly. The body of your EE should make up the bulk of the essay.

What are the three steps in writing extended definition? ›

Writing is a process that can be divided into three stages: Pre-writing, drafting and the final revising stage which includes editing and proofreading. In the first stage you research your topic and make preparatory work before you enter the drafting stage.

What is an example sentence for extended? ›

He extended his hand. He'd extended an olive branch and come back empty-handed. You said you were taking an extended vacation from work.

How many words do you need for the extended essay? ›

The extended essay is an independent, self-directed piece of research, finishing with a 4,000-word paper. One component of the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) core, the extended essay is mandatory for all students.

What should extended essay include? ›

All Extended Essays should include the three components of a research paper: (1) the introduction, (2) the body or development, and (3) the conclusion. The Extended Essay should be written in a clear, correct and formal style appropriate to the subject from which the topic is drawn.

How do you start a definition paragraph? ›

The starting point for a definition paragraph is a simple definition*, which becomes the topic sentence of the paragraph. Concluding Sentence is usually unnecessary unless the definition is embedded in a longer text. If this is the case, the conclusion sentence may link to the next paragraph or series of paragraphs.

How long should a definition essay be? ›

However, the common minimum definition essay length is five paragraphs (introduction, main body, and conclusion).

What is the structure of a definition essay? ›

A definition essay is structured around the goal of defining a term, concept, or idea. While you may start off with a simple dictionary definition, your essay will, ultimately, contain an extended definition.

What are the parts of the extended definition? ›

Extended definitions can include formal, denotative, connotative, or stipulative definitions; however, they do not follow a set pattern of development.

What are examples of extensional words? ›

  • drawing out.
  • elongation.
  • lengthening.
  • prolongation.
  • prolonging.
  • stretching.

How do you start an extended essay introduction? ›

The introduction should tell the reader what to expect in the essay. The introduction should make clear to the reader the focus of the essay, the scope of the research, in particular an indication of the sources to be used, and an insight into the line of argument to be taken.

How long is a good extended essay? ›

Word Count

The EE is a maximum of 4,000 words, so a good target for the first draft would be 2,000 words.

How long should it take to write the extended essay? ›

Overview of the Extended Essay.

Up to 4,000 words (8,000 Japanese characters) long. Expected to take 40 hours to complete. A piece of independent research/investigation on a topic. Chosen by you and your supervisor.

How many sentences should be in an extended paragraph? ›

Various educators teach rules governing the length of paragraphs. They may say that a paragraph should be 100 to 200 words long, or be no more than five or six sentences.

How do you extend a sentence into a paragraph? ›

5 Useful Tips To Expand A Sentence
  1. Add weasel words. These are words that suggest things instead of stating them. ...
  2. Add empty phrases. Empty phrases are phrases that add words but no meaning to your sentence. ...
  3. Add redundancies to expand a sentence. ...
  4. Add synonyms. ...
  5. Add foreign words.
Feb 9, 2023

What is the difference between sentence definition and extended definition? ›

Sentence definitions, which are an explanation of a word using one sentence. Extended definitions, which involve the use of a paragraph or more to expand on a word that may be difficult to comprehend.

Can I fail extended essay? ›

Some common reasons for failure in the extended essay include a lack of research, where the essay lacks in-depth investigation and analysis of the chosen topic. Poor organization can also lead to failure, where the structure of the essay is unclear and the argument is not well-supported.

How many sources should I have for my extended essay? ›

Annotated Bibliography for the Extended Essay

Early in the Extended Essay process, are required to submit an annotated bibliography summarizing and evaluating five sources.

Can an extended essay be two subjects? ›

Introduction to the Extended Essay

*It is possible, under certain circumstances, to combine two subjects and do a World Studies essay but we do not currently recommend this.

Do you put your name on extended essay? ›

your name. the school's name. your IB candidate number. any identifying pieces of information (on the title page, or any other section of the essay, such as headers or footers)

What is passing on the extended essay? ›

condition for a candidate with 24 to 27 points to have a grade E in either the extended essay or theory of knowledge. However, a candidate with 28 points or more who has a grade E in say the extended essay and an A for theory of knowledge may pass the diploma and be awarded an additional point.

Does an extended essay need a title? ›

Every Extended Essay, regardless of the subject, must have a title. Your title does not have to be elaborate or overly sophisticated. It should include many of the same words from the research question and topic. Be sure to include your title on your cover page.

What is an example of a definition sentence? ›

The sentence is generally defined as a word or a group of words that expresses a thorough idea by giving a statement/order, or asking a question, or exclaiming. Example: He is a good boy (statement), Is he a good boy? (question), What a nice weather! (exclaiming).

What are two strategies for definition writing? ›

Two strategies for definition writing that may be useful to consider include the use of examples and imagery, as well as the use of technical terminology. Using examples and imagery can help to provide a clear understanding of a concept or term by providing concrete visual examples or metaphors.

How do you start a good paragraph example? ›

Good paragraphs begin with a topic sentence that briefly explains what the paragraph is about. Next come a few sentences for development and support, elaborating on the topic with more detail. Paragraphs end with a conclusion sentence that summarizes the topic or presents one final piece of support to wrap up.

How do you write a hook for a definition essay? ›

A hook is an opening statement (which is usually the first sentence) in an essay that attempts to grab the reader's attention so that they want to read on. It can be done by using a few different types of hooks, which are a question, quote, statistic, or anecdote.

What are the strategies of definition in an essay? ›

Two strategies of definition are employed (definition by function, example, or negation). relevant details from text, personal experience, and/or historical or current society are used to support the writer's definition.

What are the characteristics of a definition essay? ›

A definition essay is one that explains a term, either by defining what it means or by clarifying which meaning is intended when a word has several meanings. For instance, a writer might need to define slicing to someone unfamiliar with golf or the term koi to someone unfamiliar with tropical fish.

What are the 3 main parts of an essay define each part? ›

The main parts (or sections) to an essay are the intro, body, and conclusion. In a standard short essay, five paragraphs can provide the reader with enough information in a short amount of space.

What are the three parts of writing a definition? ›

A formal definition consists of three parts: The term (word or phrase) to be defined. The class of object or concept to which the term belongs. The differentiating characteristics that distinguish it from all others of its class.

How do you structure an essay example? ›

The structure of an essay is divided into an introduction that presents your topic and thesis statement, a body containing your in-depth analysis and arguments, and a conclusion wrapping up your ideas.

How do you write an introduction for an extended essay? ›

The introduction should tell the reader what to expect in the essay. The introduction should make clear to the reader the focus of the essay, the scope of the research, in particular an indication of the sources to be used, and an insight into the line of argument to be taken.

How do you start an extended response essay? ›

Write your introduction. It should engage your reader, and start your discussion. Write the main body of your extended response, making sure each point gets a new paragraph and has evidence supporting it. Write the conclusion to the extended response.

How do you start an extended paragraph? ›

An expanded paragraph/brief essay begins with a topic sentence that needs the support of clear, logical ideas. Teachers can cue students for the topic sentences with a question. For example: Question: Did the pioneers face many problems as they traveled west?

How long should a good extended essay be? ›

The extended essay is an independent, self-directed piece of research, finishing with a 4,000-word paper.

How do you start an extended response introduction? ›

How to write an extended response: Overview
  1. Write a topic sentence.
  2. Introduce and present your example.
  3. Explain your example.
  4. Link your paragraph.
  5. Put it all together.

What is an example of an extended response? ›

Example Extended Response Answer:

The difference between Caesar's clemency and Pompey's harsh punishments polarised the Roman populace, causing them to love one but hate the other. On one hand, Caesar spared the lives of the defeated Pompeian soldiers who had fought against him.

How many paragraphs are in a extended response? ›

Write a complete essay.

Also, fully answering an ER prompt often requires 4 to 7 paragraphs of 3 to 7 sentences each – that can quickly add up to 300 to 500 words of writing! A response that is significantly shorter could put you in danger of scoring a 0 just for not showing enough of your writing skills.

How do you end an extended essay? ›

A conclusion is not merely a summary of the main topics covered or a re-statement of your research question, but a synthesis of key points and, if applicable, where you recommend new areas for future research.

How do you write a definition essay step by step? ›

6 Easy Steps for Writing a Definition Essay
  1. Choose a word.
  2. Look up your word in the dictionary.
  3. Ask other people what they think your word means.
  4. Look for uses of your word in movies, commercials, magazines, literature or social media.
  5. Analyze the different ways people define this word.
Jul 19, 2022

What is the first sentence to start a paragraph? ›

The topic sentence is usually the first sentence of the paragraph because it gives an overview of the sentences to follow. The supporting sentences after the topic sentence help to develop the main idea.


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