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1. Which command blocks login attempts on RouterA for a period of 30 seconds when there are 2 failed login attempts within 10 seconds?

RouterA(config)# login block - for 10 attempts 2 within 30
RouterA(config)# login block - for 30 attempts 2 within 10*
RouterA(config)# login block - for 2 attempts 30 within 10
RouterA(config)# login block - for 30 attempts 10 within 2

The correct syntax is RouterA(config)#login block-for(number of seconds)attempts(number of attempts)within(number of seconds).

2. A certain website appears to be unresponsive on a Windows 7 computer. What command could the engineer use to view cached DNS records for this webpage?

ipconfig /all
ipconfig /displaydns*

3. Match the type of threat to the cause. (Not all options are used.)

Hardwarebedrohungen ——->physical damage to servers, routers, switches, cabling systems and workstations
Environmental threats ——->Temperature extremes (too hot or too cold) or humidity extremes (too wet or too dry)
electrical threats ——->Voltage spikes, insufficient supply voltage (brownouts), unconditioned power (noise) and total loss of power
Maintenance Threats ——->poor handling of key electrical components (electrostatic discharge), lack of critical spare parts, poor wiring and poor labeling

Physical threats can be divided into four categories:
Environmental hazards - Extreme temperatures (too hot or too cold) or extreme humidity (too wet or too dry)
Hardware Threats - Physical damage to servers, routers, switches, cabling systems and workstations
Electrical Threats – Power surges, insufficient supply voltage (brownouts), unconditioned power supply (noise) and complete power failure
Maintenance Threats – Poor handling of key electrical components (electrostatic discharge), lack of critical spare parts, poor wiring, and poor labeling

4. Which statement about Cisco IOS ping indicators is true?​

"!" indicates that the ping was unsuccessful and that the device may be having trouble finding a DNS server.
"U" may indicate that a router along the path did not contain a route to the destination address and that the ping was unsuccessful.*
"." indicates the ping was successful, but the response time was longer than normal.
A combination of "." and "!" indicates that a router along the path did not have a route to the destination address and responded with an ICMP unreachable message

The most common indicators of a ping issued by Cisco IOS are "!", ".", and "U". The "!" indicates that the ping completed successfully, confirming connectivity at Layer 3. The "." may indicate that there is a connectivity issue, a routing issue, or a device security issue along the path and that an ICMP Destination Unreachable message was not provided. The "U" indicates that a router along the path may not have had a route to the destination address and responded with an ICMP unreachable message.

5. A network engineer examines the network connection from a PC to a remote host at address Which command, when issued on a Windows PC, shows the path to the remote host?


The tracert command is used to initiate a trace from the command prompt on a Windows PC. The traceroute command is used to initiate a trace from a Cisco router or switch. Some other PC operating systems like Linux and Mac OS also use the traceroute command. The ping command does not show the network path to the remote host.

6. What is considered the most effective way to mitigate a worm attack?

Change system passwords every 30 days.
Make sure all systems have the latest virus definitions.
Make sure AAA is configured on the network.
Download security updates from the operating system vendor and patch any vulnerable systems.*

Because worms exploit vulnerabilities in the system itself, the most effective way to contain worm attacks is to download security updates from the operating system manufacturer and patch all vulnerable systems.

7. What element of scaling a network involves identifying the physical and logical topologies?

traffic analysis
network documentation*
device inventory
cost analysis

To scale a network, several elements are required:
Network documentation - physical and logical topology
Device Inventory - List of devices using or forming the network
Budget - Itemized IT budget, including equipment purchase budget for the fiscal year
Traffic Analysis - Protocols, applications and services and their respective traffic requirements should be documented

8. What protocol is used by the traceroute command to send and receive echo requests and echo replies?


Traceroute uses the ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) to send and receive echo-request and echo-reply messages.

9. A small business has only one router as the gateway to its ISP. What solution could be applied to maintain connectivity if the router itself or its connection to the ISP fails?

Enable another router interface connected to the ISP to allow traffic to flow through it.
Have a second router connected to a different ISP.*
Buy a second cheapest link from another ISP to connect to this router.
Add more interfaces to the router that connects to the internal network.

Small networks generally only have one connection to one ISP to connect to the Internet. There may be problems in the network, which can lead to the interruption of this service. To maintain connectivity, redundancy must be provided. If the problem is in the router interface that is connected to the ISP, another interface on the router can be activated, so if one interface fails, traffic may be redirected to the other interface. However, if the router itself fails, a second router connected to another ISP can be used as a backup.

10. On which two interfaces or ports can security be improved by configuring executive timeouts? (Choose two.)

Fast Ethernet interfaces
console ports*
serial interfaces
loopback interfaces

Executive timeouts allow the Cisco device to automatically disconnect users after they have been inactive for the specified time. Console, vty and aux ports can be configured with executive timeouts.

11. What is one of the most effective security tools available to protect users from external threats?

Routers running AAA services
Password Encryption Techniques

A firewall is one of the most effective security tools for protecting internal network users from external threats. A firewall sits between two or more networks, controlling traffic between them and helping prevent unauthorized access. A host intrusion prevention system can help prevent outside intruders and should be used on all systems.

12. Relate to the exhibition.

The issued configuration is entered into a new router by a network administrator. Some time later, a network engineer logs into the router through a console connection. The technician enters techadmin as the username and tries the password 63t0ut0fh3r3!. What will be the result of this action?

ITN Chapter 11 Quiz Answers 01
The router denies access and displays an error message.
The router denies access and displays a banner message.
The router displays the DT_ATC_RS3> prompt.*
The router will be locked for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Whenever an administrator connects to the console port, the configuration applied under the line con 0 interface determines how the user is authenticated. The console port configuration includes the command "login withlocalas" as a keyword. This means that the username and password are required before the admin is even allowed to see the prompt to enable the mode. Since the correct username and password have been entered, the admin will be presented with the prompt to activate the mode.

13. How should traffic flow be captured to best understand traffic patterns on a network?

during periods of low occupancy
during peak periods*
if it is only in the main network segment
if it comes from a subset of users

Capturing traffic during off-peak hours does not give a good representation of different traffic types. Because some traffic might be local to a given segment, the capture must be done on different network segments.

14. What process failed when a computer cannot access the internet and got an IP address of


If a Windows computer cannot communicate with an IPv4 DHCP server, the computer will automatically assign itself an IP address in the range. Linux and Apple computers do not automatically assign an IP address

15. An administrator wants to back up a router configuration file to a USB drive connected to the router. What command should the administrator use to verify that the USB drive is recognized by the router?

you flash0:
show filesystems*

The show file systems command displays all available file systems on the device. If usbflash0: is displayed, the router recognizes the USB drive as a valid storage device. The pwd command shows the current directory being navigated in and the cd command is used to change the current directory. The dir flash0: command shows the contents of the flash memory, not the USB drive.

16. Fill in the blank.

use network services __logs__ to define a set of rules that govern how devices communicate and what data formats are used on a network.

Every application or network service uses protocols that define the standards and data formats to be used. Without protocols, the data network would have no common way to format and route data.
Note: There are 4 possible answers. You can enter one of the following fields in netacad: logs, log, logs, or log.

17. What type of traffic is most likely to have the highest priority on the network?

instant messages

Not all traffic should be given the same treatment or priority over a network. Some types of traffic, e.g. Communications such as voice and video require the highest priority as they are very sensitive to network latency and delay. Other types of traffic, such as B. FTP, which is not sensitive to latency and delay, should be assigned the lowest priority level to allow higher priority traffic to get through.


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